About The Product

What is Accomodation System?

Automated Accomodation is the trusted resource for home buyers, sellers, renters and dreamers offering the most comprehensive source for-sale properties. We provide enough information, tools and professional expertise to help people move confidently through every step of their home journey. We reduce people's tension and trouble by providing enough information to find a advantageous place to stay or make comfortable workplace.

Automated Accomodation System helps people in the property market to find their ideal home or commercial property. Our goal is to empower consumers with the most thorough information in the market and get them in contact with the owners. We aim to have our listings give you as much information about the property as possible. For home seekers, we offer a wide selection of properties from individuals.

Information Update

Our dedicated team is constantly working to increase the number of properties available. As a home seeker, you also need to know the listings shown are quality and accurate. We continually scan our listings and make sure that any issues that are low quality or inaccurate are removed. So the information is continually updated and user can browse easily.

GPS service

The most attactive part od this project is the GPS service. It can pinpoint user's location and knowing user's location the nearest opportunities will be shown first.